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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
They don't want to do it either, but what choice do they have? You say you don't judge the people who jumped out of the twin towers, but that's exactly what a lot of suicidal people are doing, ending their own life is the last sense of relief they'll ever have before they die. Perhaps some of them want to go out on their own terms before they're crippled by depression or lose their mind? And if you're wondering, it does happen and it's a whole lot more common than people want to admit, there are plenty of people who end up alive but not really living due to some very terrible and crippling depression.

But can I be angry or hate someone who is thinking about suicide or has committed suicide? Never.

And just to put the point down. Emotional damage is just as real and devastating as physical damage and should never be underestimated or taken lightly. We strive so hard to cure physical illnesses, but we're terrible at recognizing just how important trying to fight against emotional illness really is.
Just note: I'm not telling people to suck it up and that emotional damage is not anything to take lightly. But people who are sitting in a burning building with no way out are dead regardless. People who have emotional trauma and choose suicide have chosen death over even trying to live. That's the difference between those two types in my mind.

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