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The people who jumped out of the towers have chosen death over trying to live... How did they know that jumping out of the building was their only option they had left? Did they know for sure that they were dead regardless at the time? We know now because of hindsight, but they didn't have that option. I'm sure there were plenty of people who were trying to get out of that building without jumping to their deaths.

Also... "trying to live" ...these three words together... confuse me. I don't know why.

EDIT: Also, just to make things clear, I'm just really confused as to how people can so easily demonise people who consider suicide or go through with it so easily. It's a very... disturbing thing I've noticed in western society. I've never said we should coddle people who are going through this, rather I find that there's a stigma behind all of this which is doing more to stop people seeking help because of the attitude people have toward them which ultimately leads some people who could've easily gotten help to hide away and get worse.

I think ultimately, that's the big problem I'm having when it comes to this issue as well as those who do come forward and are met only with hostility. I'm sure some people here are saying "that doesn't happen, that's stupid"... but it does, it really does, and it's scary, very scary to see it happening. |

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