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Curling season has started. Really enjoying it and making some clutch shots to help my team win.

My Team :1010202x

Final Score: 7-4

In the 3rd end, i had to draw to the four foot circle to score. and the 5th end i needed to draw to the 8 foot circle, and i was able to do it without help from a sweeper. in the 6th end, my opponent had two rocks buried and the only way i could get at them was doing a long raise takeout with high guard. it was a low percentage shot, but i figured if i missed i would at least peel off my guard and create and opening. I hit the guard square and was able to take out one of the opposing rocks, to tie up the score and holding them to one point.

Then in the 7th end i had to decide if i was going to blank the end to keep hammer, or try to score two. Due to the ice conditions, take outs were not a sure thing. For my hammer shot i was already scoring one, but i had a chance to do a corner raise takeout and score two. The shot was perfect, and i was up 2 in the last end. My opponent had to score 2 just to tie it, and all i needed to do was to keep his rocks out of play.

their first four rocks were short, or too heavy. Their vice was able to draw a shot into the house. And when it was my turn, i had about a 2 foot port between guards to take it out. This is where i was able to use my sweeper to fine tune the shot, and make it. The game was over before the hammer was thrown because the opposing skip couldn't make a draw.

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