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As I pointed out, it's an individual as-per-case basis of how it needs to be evaluated. There is no universal 'one size fits all' solution.

I agree in some cases people need to snap out of it. I also agree in some cases a more delicate approach needs to be taken. Either way implies a sort of 'tunnel vision' where the person under contemplation can only see their destination and no other way out.

There's overlap between people who have attempted suicide (where rescue is quite possible), versus actually committed (much harder to rescue and much more difficult to see it before it happens), but there are two camps. That isn't to say the people who may be playing a dangerous game just for attention should necessarily be ignored, but the premises for the former usually tend to not be as severe or be personally dead serious (no pun) about it as the latter. This might account for the difference in cases.

What this means is the people who are much more serious about it is probably because their perception about reality as it stand is not distorted because their reality truly is bad. We have to be careful, however, not to dismiss or invalidate others because we don't know if their mental health is on a precarious edge: we don't want to send them over that edge. Having said that, those whose issues aren't as severe tend to have a more distorted perception about their problems and about reality which can be for any number of reasons.

We often do not realize the importance of rooting ourselves into a sturdy personal foundation. No this is not something we're born with, so it must be taught. It's tragic, I think, that people are not learning this. I'm not going to get off into what or whom is to blame for that. However, one thing is clear to me: many issues can be averted if not avoided entirely if we would learn the difference between real self worth and false self worth.

.....Or am I just ranting and nobody really cares about a solution because they're too busy arguing?

Where someone is blowing a problem out of proportion, yes they need a wake up call. They need things to be put into perspective.

Where someone is in a situation that may never change but there is still good to be seen and had in their life, it is IMO worth trying to keep them here and not allowing them to commit suicide.

Suicide is not a very easy thing to do. The difficult choice could be made but they may still be looking for any reason to live because they want to feel better again. These people may hesitate to go through with it because there may be something more that they want from life that they aren't getting. These people may want something more to live for but just can't see it as much as they try. They're trying to live because they're trying to find a reason to go on living.

Originally Posted by supreme kotor View Post
I feel this needs to be said because of the sensitive topic the way things are worded in this post really needs to be carful. We all(yes I need to remember this too and I'm fully admiting it) need to remember a swift kick in the ass may be the solution to some problems but others that may just make it worse. Allow me to use one of my horrible analogies:
Lets say you need to make a nail go in farther, a hit with a hammer will solve this problem. But if you need to fix a crack ok your windshield a hot with a hammer will only make the problem worse. So lets all just please watch what were saying.

More focused on the subject though, another thing people have to realize is someone I care about helping me through the situation is a solution to suicide. And I promise you the areguement I listed above is the first thing any inexperienced person will go to. Even if you google how to help someone in considering suicide that argument is almost always listed.
I agree. Somebody being there could make all the difference. Not just in suicide prevention but in other issues because it could prevent unneeded suffering. This kind of listening is very different than drama queens who just needs someone to listen to them as a crutch. Those people IMO are bad because there isn't any mutual exchange. Whereas someone in serious trouble may need someone who cares simply to be there, no stigma, no judgment. They will reciprocate and be more thankful than you know if you help bring them out of their darkest place.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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