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Many of the mods come in TSL Patcher compatible forms, does anyone have any success/tips on using TSL patcher to install mods onto the iPad?


What I have tried:

1. Copy the whole kotor folder from iPad to Desktop(using iFunbox)

2. Running TSL patchers, choosing "" folder as my "root" kotor folder

3. most of them patch with no issues reported

4. Check override folder for non-capital files

5. Copy and replace entire folder onto iPad

6. None of the mods show up/work D:

mewgen did you use the TSL patchers, or is there some other way to install the mods(which have sole instructions to use their TSL patcher)?


Oh dear I got it working. I manually copy-pasted the content from WITHIN the override folders again. Apparently the "folder+subfolder"-wide copy and paste doesn't work so well on iFunbox.

Have fun guys

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