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went hiking this morning/afternoon near the delaware watergap with my bible study group...decided to turn it into a workout since i never do legs in the gym (i can't do proper squats without feeling like my knees are going to explode out of place) and throw around 16 bottles of water on top of my already loaded backpack, so it weighs about 35-45 pounds...legs and shoulders are nice and sore!!! took us 3 hours and a half to get around it, and i got a blister. haha worth it. the bar i go to alot has their halloween party tonight, so going with my friend/s there. this one guy wants me to go out thursday, friday, and saturday this coming week....that ****'s annoying as **** i wouldn't mind it if he lived 5-10 miles away, but this friend lives 35 miles away...that takes a toll on the vehicle plus it's risky since there are deer around that area where he lives so i risk my car getting ****ed up. i try and explain to him i only really care to go out twice a month with him because of the retarded travel time, wish he'd get his own transportation.

went to gamestop to turn in my MW3 and get a copy that's not scratched. wasn't a problem, tried to preorder xbox one, nope they're that sucks. i preordered my copy of battlefield 4 for the xbox one, so i can trade in the xbox 360 copy when that comes out! hopefully the recon class is

probably going to go put more money onto my ar15 layaway. lol can't wait to get that rifle!!!!!

spending a few hours tomorrow fixing up my powerpoint and writing my speech for monday.

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