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Thanks for the help guys! (or gals, I don’t know )

So, if I understand correctly, AssignCommand is used for assigning a subject to do some function starting with “Action” (e.g. “ActionMoveToLocation”), while ActionDoCommand is used to “convert” a function that does not start with “Action” (e.g. SetFacing) to one that does, i.e. to something that can be added to some object’s action queue (otherwise it’s not added to the action queue but executed immediately). You can then use AssignCommand to assign this action to an object, unless the action is meant to be executed (immediately) by the caller of the script (e.g. in an “OnAttacked” script).

SetFacing(); // Makes script caller immediately do something.

ActionMoveToLocation(); // Adds action to script caller’s action cue.

ActionDoCommand(SetFacing()); // Adds non-action to script caller’s action cue.

AssignCommand(oObject, ActionMoveToLocation()); // Adds action to oObject’s action cue.

AssignCommand(oObject, ActionDoCommand(SetFacing())); // Adds non-action to oObject’s action cue.
Again, an action is a function that starts with “Action” and a non-action is one that doesn’t.
Of course, I’m leaving out parameters and stuff, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, if I explain it this way, is it correct?

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