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Originally Posted by Q View Post
I think it's great that the OP is learning how to drive in a car with a manual transmission. I think that everyone should learn to drive this way. I prefer a manual, because they give the driver more control and the only part that can wear out over the life of the car is the clutch. And if you're really good with it, even that won't wear out.

Rhett's points are valid, though. A manual can be a nightmare in heavy traffic, so I would consider an automatic if I lived in a city.
Not to mention the fact that most teens get hand-me-down vehicles from their parents, and in modern times their vehicles generally are automatic. Every year I'm sure there are less and less manual vehicles on the road.
I prefer automatic because you have enough to worry about on the road and shouldn't have to be scrambling around with your feet since there is an easier option. However I agree that more people should learn how to drive in a vehicle with a manual transmission. It's a good life lesson and if someone for whatever reason has to drive a stick shift they will know right away what to do.

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