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I see them hurting themselves more by flooding the market with sub-standard and recycled Star Wars merchandise, the same problem LucasFilm and its sub-companies had for years, which is what is surely what lead in large part to the franchise being sold to Disney. I've just never lived in one of these places where the stores only stock the latest and most popular editions of movies then clear them out in favor of the next hot thing.

Yeah, I agree, it's a blatant cash-in. That trick will always work on the hardcore collectors. I just wonder if they'll consider it worth the expense in the long run. Not that I like how Disney treats their hardcore fans either, but we'll see what happens.

As for the price thing, it's an old trick... when the price drops on the old edition, release a "new and improved" edition that's identical to the old one, but costs more. Other than fooling naive casual fans who don't use the internet and the usual folks who buy everything just to own everything, this just seems silly. I'll buy the cheaper option that has the same (or better) content every time.

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