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Why do I demonize those who want to commit and or do commit suicide? On the whole the idea of suicide irritates me. It is the equivalent of someone slashing a priceless painting. How angry would you be to find that someone had destroyed the Mona Lisa? Every person alive is worth more than the Mona Lisa in my eyes(except criminals, but that's another discussion). To save their lives, I'd just about burn down the Louvre. So for them to destroy the unique art that is their life, and their person, does anger me to an extent.

Oh, and I was suicidal for a time. I even had "A Plan" as they say. Now, I guess I'm not typical, but a friend of mine saw how I had set up the makeshift gallows that was going to serve as my final farewell, and made me angry enough at him to finally talk about everything that was affecting me. Bullying, lost girlfriend, dead sister, parents divorce, mom leaving for Japan, Dad suffering massive stroke, severe loneliness, blah blah woof woof. Pretty much could have made an after school special about my life. I thought my life was the worst life there was. His response? He beat the tar outta me. Is that the way everyone should be treated? ABSOLUTELY NOT! It was just the only thing that worked for me. It wasn't until I started really fighting back that I realized MY LIFE was worth saving. it sounds strange that getting beaten up like that would actually straighten me out, but you kinda had to be there. I had to learn that for myself. That I had value to myself.

Again. that doesn't work for everyone. There's a reason there isn't only one tool in a mechanic's tool box. That's the equivalent of a 10lb sledgehammer. Sure, most people use the "Temporary Problem" line. It's the suicide prevention equivalent of "Have you tried switching it off and on?" You know what the best line for suicide prevention is? "Hey man, lets talk." But that doesn't look good on bumper stickers, or posters, or on the suicide web page.

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