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I am working the next 2 nights... concurrently with the World Series happening about 3 or 4 blocks away.

My dream: Rehearsal ends early tomorrow night, I catch the subway long before the end of the game, and I'm sitting safe and sound on the couch when the Sox win the series.

My nightmare: The series goes to game 7, the show runs late, teardown runs long, and I get stuck trying to get home at the same time that the Sox win, at Fenway, on Halloween Night (which is already a busy, crazy night in a city full of drunk college kids in costume, just looking for another party.)

And really... the only way that scenario can get worse... is if they lose.

Then, in that case, I seriously doubt I'll even attempt to leave my office that night. I'll just sleep here... thanks. Unless the ensuing riot starts to look like they are just going to tear or burn the building down... then I'll flee.

I'm not looking forward to finding out which way it goes.

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