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Originally Posted by Me_Who_Else View Post
instead of the apply button justen press enter would be one step. Still had the commit changes button for safety. some fields do not accept delete. One needs to select all the text and write the new one. such things i mean =)
Okay. You mind telling me which fields don't accept the delete key? Also, to help with the user-friendliness, here's two features I've added:

1. Clicking the mouse wheel for Notepad-like scrolling.
2. An option to type in the number of an item to add to the inventory.

I've added other features, but I'm not telling on them quite yet. :P

I'll make a new post in the tools thread when I release KSE 3.3.4. Again, if any mods have opinions against me releasing this, PLEASE SAY SO, either through here or PMs.

P.S: Mods, sorry for shouting, but I don't feel like going through the drama of releasing it and getting banned because a mod happened to not like my releasing it and not telling me so.

All of my mods are available on Deadlystream.

Always remember modders: "Quality= Effort*Time"

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