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Been thinking about the topic.

I think:

Freedom is a description of the number of possibilities, in the context of action, available to an agent.

Possibilities are created by power, which is the ability to execute an action.
Number of possibilities is determined by the presence of restrictions to actions. Restrictions can be anything - physical laws or objects, or abstract concepts or perceptions. The action, and agent, can both be anything.

Some unordered notes:

The greater the freedom (number of possibilities) available to an agent, the greater the potential for chaos (with chaos being negative relations/interactions of consequences of actions).

When people refer to "freedom", they are usually incognizantly referring to freedom in specific contexts, as unspecified freedom (i.e. absolute freedom), is so exclusive from the human experience.

Absolute freedom exists only as a concept, as many possibilities are mutually exclusive of each other. Absolute freedom also requires absolute power.

Laws and moralities are artificial restrictions on possibilities, created by people to prevent chaos and preserve order, because, while the positivity of orders are subject to specific attributes of specific orders, chaos generally causes destruction and death regardless of context.

Example: In the context of flying, if you are a human being on planet Earth, your freedom (possibilities) to fly is limited by the planet's gravity, and your lack of naturally occurring biological flying systems. Presence of accessible airplanes increase your ability (and thus, possibilities) to fly.

Absolute freedom in the context of flying likely is impossible, as even birds have limited energy (type of power) to expend on flying, and there is limited money (determiner of ability) and/or fuel (source of energy) in the world to facilitate airplane operation.

In the subcontext of human use of airplanes, laws exist in human societies concerning the operation of airplanes (artificial restrictions), as if planes were usable without air traffic rules and standards, the likelihood for air crashes is greatly increased (chaos is prevented).

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