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Originally Posted by Astor View Post
It is embarrassing, but you have to remember, they were learners once too. They might not think that way, but it's true.

And if anyone ever tries to force their way through a gap whilst you're in the middle of a turn, it says a hell of a lot more about their road attitude than it does your ability.
Astors right, its a long time since I passed my test, but don't let people get ratty with you. It takes time to learn, and generally I'm amused how stressy people get on the roads in the UK. Personally I always give learners time - don't be embarrassed, you're learning so take your time.

Boba Rhett's right we all stall occasionally - hell, I've been driving for over 10 years, never get caught speeding or had so much as parking ticket, but I did stall the other day.

I remember when I first started to drive, there seemed to be so many things you had to do at once, the car seemed to be going much quicker when I was driving than when I was in the passenger seat - but as time goes on it all becomes automatic. As a real encouragement to you, these days it cost 10 to insure me on my dads 911.... Now THAT is a lot of fun to drive!

As for automatic vs manual (stick shift) - in the UK, if learn to drive a manual you can drive either, but if you just learn and do the test in an automatic, you are only allowed to drive automatics. Personally I prefer manuals as they give you more control of the car...

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