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@ Qui-Gon Glenn: I apologise for nothing I said in my previous post considering the bullying I and some others went through.

I regret whatever came between Astro and myself. I just don't know what it was that started it siince we did start off on good terms but left on bad ones.

There are plenty of people who say he's a great guy... I just wish I had met THAT astro that others speak of instead of the one I seemed to have encountered.

EDIT: Also, just in case... that's all I wanted to say, you don't need to counter argue this post and drag it on. I just wanted to say what I felt I had to asj. Even if you think so, these thoughts aren't the kind of thoughts that to be kept quiet inside my own head. It was the kind I was compelled to ask, even after the end, even if I don't get an answer ...because I know I'm not the only one who is wondering and wanted to ask out loud too.

That's all. |

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