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It's been quite sometime since I've had an update, so here we go..................

I shelved The Trials of Darth Herrco for now. Put it on the back burner. I didn't get the response I had hoped from the demo release. I know this may be a selfish reason for stopping but if no one plays it...why bother.

I've resumed working on my Onderon Expansion/Yuthura Ban mod. Making wonderful progress. I had planned to release it in parts, you know Part 1,2, and 3. However, I'm cruising pretty good on the mod and finding voice actors for all the parts has pretty much killed that idea. It will be released as one whole mod.

I also plan to make a little add-on area for my first Korriban Expansion. Also it will fix some bugs, add a few extras, etc. That has been started but is playing second fiddle to Onderon right now.

Here are couple pics. Nothing special.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me out so far...especially all you voice actors. You know who you are. Thank you!

The tents in the above picture were ripped out of one of Quanon's donated area models. Thanks Q.

Finally, here is a teaser trailer for Onderon/Return of Yuthura Ban. I basically combined two cutscenes I had planned to incorporate into early gameplay of KOTOR2. I decided who needs the extra work and just made a video. The first part I did release previously somewhere on this thread. The second part is new. Hope you like.

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