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Coruscant Entertainment Center


TSL aboard Ravager: Visas looks back on the horrors of what happened to her world.

The piece is a finally drawn out view of one woman's torment, and her witness of others in torment. The description of how the Force operates in Nihilus' hands was a bit startling, and the idea of a young girl surrounded by imploded bodies and seeing some go into that state shocking. His casual brutality in his treatment of her fits the character so well.

The main negative I had is actually moot. I had considered that having a ship in the condition of the Ravager show up would have alarmed them, but then again, anyone in space that saw her would not have lived long enough to tell anyone on the ground before she made orbit.

Pick of the Week

Star-Wars: The Force Unleashed What If

SWTFU: What if Starkiller had actually turned to the light?

The piece is an AU portion of what can arguably called an AU game. Starkiller, the main hero becoming a force of good rather than the evil apprentice. I only had time to read the first chapter that sets the author's entire premise up, but it is well written and compelling even then. The only snag was this... Why would someone trained by the Sith be surprised that his Master had lied to him?

How to Save the Galaxy, Vol 1
Gwendolyn Rogan

KOTOR With a twist: A riotous parody of the opening.

The author's blurb said it was a parody, and I have seen a few, so I thought I would now what to expect.

I Was wrong.

In something reminiscent of the Harvard Lampoon's Bored Of the Rings, I was dumped into a swirling world where even the name of the ship has been changed to protect the innocent. The main character fights not only Sith, but the narration as well as he saves himself above all others. Sort of like the Movie George of the Jungle on steroids. If someone later gets in a fight with the narrator, I wouldn't be a bit surprised.

19 chapters long, it is one I wish I could go back and read all the way through.

Pick of the Week

When I read this, I went to the profile, and checked. Oddly enough, while I started back at the beginning of the SW Game influenced stories, I didn't see the other two stories that preceded it. I thought they might have been in the Book section, but there is no book influenced section, so I am going back to read them for this review.

At the Crossroads of Destiny and Time: The Hunted
Gwendolyn Rogan

Set between TESB and ROTJ on Coruscant: Looking for a bounty, Boba Fett found something else.

Like the work reviewed above, this piece surprised me with it's quality. The scene portrayed is a tiny slice of life that hits at gut level, and now Fett has someone he has to look after, whether he likes it or not.

26 chapters long, and what I described is merely chapter one.

Pick of the Week

At the Crossroads of Destiny and Time: Untold Lies
Gwendolyn Rogan

Follow on to The Hunted set one month after it ended: The daughter finds she has the same problems her mother did.

The only negative I have is that you forgot quotation marks. The work is as clean and crisp as the ones reviewed above.

16 chapters so far, well worth your time.

Pick of the Week

Amber Penglass

TSL on Onderon: The memory of one act on Nar Shaddaa still bothers her

The piece was surprising in that when you play, it is the Exile who changes the others around him or her. The more dark side you are, the more they are. Even more surprising, considering the entire crew you can possibly have, it is Atton who talks her back from her self imposed funk; the one person you could see glorying in the darkside yet again.

The author asked for ideas. Have you read the books?


KOTOR after Leviathan: Carth has to decide about the relationship he has with Revan

The piece is short, sweet, and hard hitting. The thoughts going through his mind are exactly what you would expect in this situation, and the way he deals with it in the end worth the read.

Morale Visit to Vevut Squad

Clone wars era: Bard'ika emerges

The piece covers an interesting portion of a Jedi's life, when he takes up the Mando'a lifestyle in a dangerous situation. I wished I could read further, because the one character I really enjoyed in the Clone Wars series and movie was Asohka

Go back Home

Post KOTOR: Revan dreams of going home. But first she must complete her last mission and survive

The piece is short and to the point. The woman is going through mental hell, but she has something to go back to. My only question, is with all of the commentary about the 'True Sith' we have seen (Mainly by inference) how is this something Revan had caused?

Blind Love

TSL, no planet given: The Blind Exile wants desperately to see Atton's face

As said before, you need to edit and clean the piece up.

The Exile as a blind woman is an interesting twist.

Academy-Days: an RGZ Archer Arashi21 production

Pre-Mandalorian Wars on Dantooine: The three main characters of the games as children

Remember to sight edit, as you used several words that would pass a spell check even though they were incorrect. Lunges instead of lungs, hopped instead of hoped, that kind of thing.

The piece is a bit of fun in a lot of ways, using the force to keep the food from running away, Malak (Still Alec at this point) asking Tal'si (The Exile) where she got it when she speaks of women's intuition, that kind of thing. All in all it's a stereotypical slice of three kid's life.

Don't Leave Me

Post KOTOR: Revan tries to get away alone on her last quest, and fails

The piece is a well done view of when Revan left the Republic. Unlike canon, Revan does not get away alone, and the comment that love will conquer all, is, as this old man knows, whistling in the dark.

Happy Ever Afters
Faelyn Leaf

Post TSL: Two men who worshiped from afar discuss their obsession

The piece is a bit introspective, and an interesting read. Having Atton swing both ways, and having him set his eyes on Dustil (Who seems to be obsessed over Revan) was a surprise.

The primary thing that bothered me was the idea that Revan had used the same feminine wiles to control her troops. A woman cannot lead troops in battle unless she can prove she is as good if not better than those she leads. They can admire, even love her. But the instant someone gets into her pants, and those troops hear about it, she loses that.

If you need another opinion in this regard, read the Anita Blake Series by Laurell K Hamilton. In Obsidian Butterfly, the main character is called in by an old friend as a specialist in preternatural crimes, and is dealing with a lot of cops who have not been working alongside her all this time. One comment the character makes in her musings is that she's dealing with a sudden (For her) emotional attraction toward one of these cops, and she shortstops it ruthlessly. As she pointed out, if you're the out of town expert on such crimes and have no other connection, they will try to work with you.

But if you start dating one of them, you're demoted to girlfriend, and as such, have no reason or right to be involved in the eyes of the cops there, regardless of any skills you have. It's even worse in the military. Trust me.

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