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May I pour gasoline in the fire?

NDEs are often used as an argument for the existence of God
First objection about that is, that only a small part of people who are near death have a NDE.
Second: A NDE is as you know a NEAR death experience. So NOT death. Brains tend to do crazy **** in danger. And iminent death is clearly a danger. Brains work faster with oxygendeprivation.
Third: How comes that people in different regions and out of different cultures see different Gods or their avatars? Christians tend to see angels or jesus. Moslems see mohammed. Hindus see Krishna or equivalent. Asatru see Valkyres ect ect...Mind to explain that.

@Canderis: There is nothing to be afraid of. Death itself is not to fear..the way of dying is the concern =)
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