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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
I agree, that's why I questioned its detriment. I merely listed the most powerful comic characters I can think of, despite their powerful nature being the whole point of the characters themselves. I don't think Superman or Dr. Manhattan have "so much power" that makes them unrelatable. On the contrary actually.
Maybe it's a matter of popularity opinion/preference>the objective story.

Example: I don't think Thor could absolutely own Superman, but it seems to me Thor's development objectively would make him at least somewhat more able to win and yet in crossovers Superman>Thor more often.

So the small minded un-beatable-ness is perhaps the detriment for me personally. Though I've seen arguments on the internet which apparently have much more problems.

All I'm asking is which characters you think are overpowered, and why if you should feel so inclined.

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