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Originally Posted by Darth Avlectus View Post
Maybe it's a matter of popularity opinion/preference>the objective story.

Example: I don't think Thor could absolutely own Superman, but it seems to me Thor's development objectively would make him at least somewhat more able to win and yet in crossovers Superman>Thor more often.

With regards to crossover match-ups, I generally agree Kieron Gillen:


Characters don’t exist out of context. Characters are created as part of a universe, with a set of rules and conventions.

My go to example is the “Batman always wins”. True in the DC universe. Drop him in (say) the Wildstorm one, and the more cynical rules of that place would lead to the rich guy to be incinerated from orbit the first time he pulled on his costume and decided to cross the Authority.

More generally, science-fiction universes normally have the trope that Earth tech when facing enormously advanced aliens can do something. Iron Man’s suit can face off against hyper-advanced aliens, due to it being based on the romantic conception of science, etc. Take that to a hard Science-Fiction Universe, and Iron Man is toast. Thousands of Iron Man armours would be killed by a single Knife Missile, in Iain M Banks’ Culture universe. Take a thousand Knife Missiles to the MU, and Tony would take them down on his lonesome.

This is why Battle-board style question scan be a lot of fun, but miss certain key elements of fiction.

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