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Originally Posted by Sith Sizzle View Post
I shouldn't have voted since I actually believe in creation AND evolution.
That is a contradiction. You can NOT believe in both.
Evolution states clearly that we are descendants of apes (hell...we are apes).
Creation states clearly that God made Adam out of dirt/clay and Eve of one of Adams ribs. Quite a contradiction.

Originally Posted by Sith Sizzle View Post
Living things are constantly evolving, but why are we living and on this planet in the first place? People always mention the big bang theory, but what happened before that? And what about before that? The Super Duper Old Republic obviously.
We are living here because we are lucky as hell. But you need to know, that as soon the planet was suited for life, it emerged. The HOW is still open, but the door is closing slowly (primeordial soup or transpermia are very promising). As soon as life was here, Evolution was too.

Now..Big Bang and evolution are two different fields. And before the Big Bang is irrelevant because we do not know (yet). And to impose some supernatural thingy. Infinite regression is the word.

There might be a interesting theory around how our universe came into existence. From Nothing.

I have read it, and if i have understood 50% of was a lot. Not the english but the actual content >.>

Edit: I had the same kind of threat running somewhere else, and there 3 people voted for actual creation o_O

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