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My brain has yet to start to function today but, as I had said in a visitor message to you lynk, I am willing to help in any way I can. I have been learning web programming this's at year-mostly behind the scenes stuff rather than visual aspects- and I'd be willing to help with any of that. I would provide a link to my work but it's all been in an internal webapp for the company I work for. Aside from that I can contribute my knowledge of the modding community here.

As for ideas-the only one I have at this moment is that I think if we consolidate the forums down, the modding community section still needs to be broken up by games and, IMO, should be copied exactly as they are. Maybe make TUCE a subforum of holowan labs like the tutorials and mod requests. There are too many useful threads hidden in holowan to let go because they weren't copied. It would set modding back a lot. So many of those old threads hold secrets and answers to problems that might be rare, and can be found in a quick search.
Also, I know this is a little weird, but one of the biggest reasons I pretty much only stay in the kotor forum is the color scheme. It's very pleasing colors for me and for some reason I almost have trouble looking at the other forums because of this. Maybe we should have options to change the color scheme of the forums to your liking and keep this as an option?

All I have for now.

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