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I know I don't post here as often as I used to, but I do still visit this place on a regular basis and would like to provide some help, if I can. What I might be able to help with is:

As a web programmer with almost two years of professional experience, I might be able to help out should any development be required, depending on the technologies used for the fan site and the time frame in which things would need to be done (since this is something I would do on my own free time and, I'm sure you understand, I wouldn't be willing to dedicate all of my free time to more development work. I do enough of it at my day job ).

Other than that, I'm pretty good with Photoshop, so I might be able to fix you up with any new site banners and other "makeup" elements you might need. Perhaps even some basic Flash stuff, if necessary.

And finally, I'm willing to help out in any brainstorming regarding how the site and/or forum content could be organized, since (and this is totally subjective on my part) I consider myself pretty good at organizing things. Well, except parties, I suck at organizing those.

Regarding stuff that others have said, I do agree with the suggestion of allowing forum users to choose between a few color themes.
Regarding modding forums, I'd have to take a look at how it's all currently organized in order to make a proper suggestion, but in general, since this place encompasses a lot of games, even though you might have a general modding section as a root, this section should definitely be divided into sub-forums for each game.
Regarding other forum sections, since I don't frequent the political section, I for one am not going to miss it, if it's gone, but the off-topic discussion section (i.e. Ahto) and the general gaming discussion (i.e The Outlander Club) should remain present in some form.

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