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Permafrost thawing in Siberia.

During the past 40 years, the coastal areas surveyed retreated on average 2.2 meters per year. “During the past four years, this value has increased at least 1.6 times, in certain instances up to 2.4 times to reach 5.3 meters per year,“ says Paul Overduin.

The rate of retreat has doubled! And yet people still think we shouldn't spend more on alternative energy. Selfish.

And why hasn't Obama followed up on his promises of saving the environment? It's as if the first thing he did when he was elected was say, "Oh yeah, you know that 'alternative energy' stuff? Yeah, I sort of lied a little bit about that." The total outlay on Natural Resources & Environment was US $7.5 billion in the fiscal year 2012, 0.2% of the federal budget. For someone so hell-bent on proving he really wanted to help the environment, guys, he seems pretty stingy with his money.
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