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Originally Posted by Kurgan View Post
Why would it being more recent mean it had better bitrates?
The process of creating a DVD master 10 years ago was not as efficient as one created nowadays. I'm not saying it's the case here, but it's a valid assumption since many other titles have benefitted from that.

Originally Posted by Kurgan View Post
The only thing I'm willing to bet money on is that the 2013 dvds are the same "cuts" as the 2011 bd's.
They are.

Originally Posted by Kurgan View Post
From what I've read about the audio commentaries, the "new" commentary is simply audio spliced together from old interviews and specials. That's a nice idea of course, but I'm curious what (if anything) they stripped out of the DVDs to make room for that additional track.
Nothing was taken from the old DVD commentaries on the new commentary tracks. The ones from the DVDs were with Lucas and crew, while the latter is mostly archival interviews with the cast.

Originally Posted by Kurgan View Post
Incidentally I'm a bit surprised that the "bonus discs" for the 2011 set are actual blu-ray discs, not DVD9's, even though the visual quality looks like dvd.
Sometimes even VHS/LaserDisc, but that's due to the quality of the source.

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