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Originally Posted by Me_Who_Else View Post
you want what? All the different creation stories that are around there. Go and fetch them. I took the one that influences my culture the most.
I don't need to. You stated;

Originally Posted by YOU
That is a contradiction. You can NOT believe in both.
Evolution states clearly that we are descendants of apes (hell...we are apes).
Creation states clearly that God made Adam out of dirt/clay and Eve of one of Adams ribs. Quite a contradiction.
It is NOT a contradiction to believe both, as they are entirely different questions... But despite that, the Roman Catholic Church adopted into it's beliefs an acceptance in 1947 that Evolution is correct - so that's a belief that God created the Universe and everything in it, and then life evolved on this planet.

Originally Posted by Me_Who_Else View Post
Mind to explain natural design?
Why? I don't believe it; I was just pointing out it was one of many other theories... More than your 3 options.

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