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Updated my journal

Originally Posted by Dark_Ansem View Post
would you be willing to add movie-styled items (robes/hoods for starting) to the mod? anaking's Jedi robe and hood especially would be brilliant
Iím afraid not; what youíre asking for is quite a different mod.

Well, itís been a little while since Iíve updated this thread ( ), but Iím happy to say that there are, for once, substantial updates this time. For one, the Landing pad module is now complete. As in, completely complete. Completely, completedly complete. The only possible thing left to do is to make combat optimisations, redraft/spell-check the journal entries, and maybe tweak the dialogue for style slightly. Thereís also a very minor plot element to do with Bao-Dur which Iím tempted to cut, simply from difficulty in implementing it (dealing with special dialogue for companions is always awkward, given the issue of splicing VO.) (I could also redo the textures with a bit more depth, but that is way down the list of Things to Do.)

What this means for this thread is that we say goodbye to one of the chief views for the last seven years:

Which personally Iím kind of relieved about. I was getting a bit sick of it.

I can also finally reveal the Landing Pad load screen, which Iím quite proud of:

And also what the name of the main quest on Rhen Var is going to be:

(bonus points for whoever spots where the reference without using Google. )

The good news is that we now have new (or at least, not-seen-for-a-long-time) modules to look at. Yay! To begin with, the central Ďhubí of the trade outpost:

This is not really an area with a lot going on in itself, but it leads to all sorts of more interesting modules, and gives, I hope, some sense of the layout of the place. (The last three don't show any preliminary retextures: I'm using SelfInducedComa's Telos retexture. )

Weíve also got the first-pass textures for the club:

Iím sick of cantinas in Star Wars, and feel a club Ė a nasty, sweaty, seedy club with music which is far too loud Ė is more realistic. So hereís my take on it.

However, aside from this (and real life, of course), Iíve not been entirely idle for the last year or so. In addition to the three mods released so far this year, I have two which are now very close to release for KotOR I. The first is quite a small mod, consisting of a new robe:

This just needs an icon and I need to decide where it should be available in game. Iím wondering if I shouldnít place it somewhere on Tatooine.

More excitingly, however, the holocrons mod is nearing completion:

I just have one or two more things I need, and to fix a few bugs, and it will be ready for release (hopefully - that 'early in the new year' thing didn't work out too well, after all... ). I have to admit, Iím more than a little excited by this. The voice-overs and lip-sync are now pretty much done, and I got a real kick out of playing through the mod with them in place. Zhab, SH, and Inyri have done a fantastic job on the VOs.

This also means that the Holocron models will be available for use soon... ish.

Iíve also been working on a different robe mod:

This was inspired by The Force Unleashed, and the robes you can get in that at the end, if you go light-side. Obviously, the inspiration is a little loose . These are still very much work in progress, and I donít know if I can be bothered to try and finish them; Iím not sure if theyíre worth it, really.

Iíve also been working on a couple of lightsaber hilts. The first is for a long, ĎMalakí style saber:

As you can see, the usual MDLOps problems afflict the texture. Iím not quite sure what to do about that, though. Iíve tried redoing the UV map a couple of times and it hasnít made any difference.
Iíve also been experimenting with a shorter lightsaber model:

This would probably be a short lightsaber, although it might just about make a normal length one. Feedback and comments on these are as always more than welcome.

Thatís about all I have at the moment. As always, comments, questions, criticism and feedback are all very welcome. (Also, apologies to those with slower internet connections: the size of the update is all jonathan7's fault. )

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