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Deesra Dialog Change

This is meant to be very simple. The base idea behind this is that, I've always found the conversation that the game forces between the player and Deesra rather annoying(at least to the effect that, you HAVE to go through it). So, while I am not too sure of this, I mean to do something very simple: add at least two options to the dialog, both of the meant to end the conversation right there.

While I have this pretty much done(although I have not yet tested it), it's the lines themselves I'm not too sure of.

LS option:
Perhaps there may be, but I am in something of a hurry. So, if you will excuse me.

DS option:
Do you think I care about rumors? No. Let them talk - meanwhile, I am leaving.

The only thing that might be an issue, is the dialog triggering again the same way afterward, no matter if it is just after the player ends the conversation with the new options, or if they return to Dantooine. If this happens when I test it, I'll have to see about fixing it. I certainly don't meant to make the conversation impossible, but just a bit more, optional.

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