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Two weeks previous, Sinister Seoul, Sinister Empire

The headquarters of Mister Sinister, once a supervillain and now a ruler of his own empire, loomed in the distance. A major landmark of the Seoul cityscape not easily missed. What was it with supervillains wanting to impose their might with that kind of pompous self-aggrandizement. He could see Sinister now, growing old yet more powerful, sitting on his self-imposed throne of an Empire wrongly gained after the fall of heroes long past. No longer he himself fighting heroes, but instead getting fat and ever greedier by having his millions of lackeys stamp out every threat to his throne.

'Do you think he will still be a challenge to defeat?' The young symbiote asked somewhere deep in his mind, sensing hesitation in the man crouching on a rooftop and observing the headquarters of one of the greatest supervillains to have ever lived.

"Perhaps. Perhaps the most challenge I will have is with his followers and not Sinister himself," the man said and smiled before turning away from looking at the cityscape and peering his eyes at the nearby ocean.
"But that doesn't matter. A man and his followers can be beaten, bruised and even killed, but nothing good will come of it unless the citizens are willing to step up after the evil is purged. This world needs symbols again, there have to be heroes still out there who can rise to the occasion like Spider-Man and Iron Man used to decades ago."

'Then why don't you step up?' the symbiote asked, causing the man to chuckle at the naivete he still perceived on it despite it being adult now.

"I'm not a symbol. I'm a shadow. The criminals will fear me, but the citizens cannot look up to me. I can stand between them and the villains, but I cannot act as a role model for them."

'Like Iron Man, billionaire playboy demolishing entire cities while fighting evil? Wolverine? Or maybe Daredevil?'


The internal conversation was cut short by the screams of people from somewhere below on the city streets. The "law" was hitting the streets again it would seem. Liu rushed to the edge of the roof and peered down. He could hear it more clearly now, the screams were below him some seventeen stories on a side street. He could see a small group of women fleeing from a larger group of men. Some criminals never change no matter how high their bosses climb on the ladder of control.
Without hesitation Liu jumped off the rooftop, dropping down ten stories before the symbiote warped on his back, expanding and creating a parachute that slowed him down just enough for him to land on his feet between the women and the criminals chasing them, the symbiote immediately returning back to form the back of his ragged very dark green outfit.

Shinobi, now with one knee on the ground and the other bent infront of him looked up at the criminals from behind his mask, his hand reaching behind his back to the grip of his katana. The criminals slowed down before laughing and starting to circle the man still keeping close to the ground.
"Who are you then? Another wannabe hero? I've lost count how many of you we've stomped in the last ten years alone!" the criminals kept laughing and moving around him. But as they had been concentrating on keeping an eye on the hand reaching for his sword, his free hand reached out for his kunai and picked one for each finger.
In one swift motion, Shinobi jumped up, throwing the kunai in an arc at the men. One of them managed to evade it, the other were less fortunate and now had the weapons lodged in their throats, gurgling and spewing blood everywhere. The remaining criminals got more serious now, rushing at the green-clad man who now took a ready stance and drew his katana.

In a flurry of motion, assisted by the symbiote not only giving him a heightened reaction time as well as speed and strength to cut down his opponents, Shinobi took care of two, then three criminals in quick swift cuts, only interceded by blocks from incoming blows. The three remaining criminals drew their pistols, seeking to gain a range advantage, but they would not be so lucky. Before they got their safeties off, one of the men had a katana sticking out of his chest and the other two had kunai coming at them, one attached to a light looking chain.
With two of the trio gurgling in their deaths, Shinobi flicked the chain enough to cause the kunai to swing suddenly, cutting the wrist of the lone standing criminal, causing him to drop the gun. Next he knew the green-clad hero was on top of him on the ground with the kunai safely in hand, the chain wrapped around the throat of the criminal.

"Wh-who are you?" the criminal managed to whisper as the chain pressed down on his throat, making breathing nearly impossible.

"When you wake up, go tell Sinister his reign is over," Shinobi said before smashing his elbow on the criminal's jaw, knocking him out. The hero then rose back up and began collecting his gear before he would get rushed again, either by criminals or civilians.

Now, Sinister Seoul, Sinister Empire

Liu Tao sat in his small hotel room just outside downtown Seoul, watching news on the television. Highly propagandised news admittedly, but it was still news. He had grown up with making a distinction between the propaganda and the nuggets of reality in there between the lines. The main thing he ever got out of the news was that life under the rule of supervillains was a bleak and whimsical place indeed.
Although the symbiote had withdrawn from sight withdrawn inside Liu's skin, the two were still discussing the kind of hero the people of the world needed right now. Still at a stalemate in the discussion, Liu was at the same time trying to form a mental image of Sinister's organization in Seoul. The city was heavy with his eyes and ears that one was certain, but right now he was just trying to pinpoint major incoming and outgoing traffic from the city. Something that would harm Sinister without causing too much collateral damage. He was not conducting open revolt here or a civil war, he was just here to cause harm to a villain's operation... just happens that the villain is the ruler of an Empire. He had heard rumours already of a resistance group in the empire fighting Sinister and his forces, but Liu had no way to contact them and he did not want himself to get pulled into a revolution either. He preferred the shadows... but still somehow the idea of contacting the group was inviting to him. Even if just for the fact of getting Sinister off his throne.

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