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Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
Don't know what you're trying to prove by saying since something doesn't fit into the chicken little the sky is falling category that it only qualifies as an anomaly.
I'm trying to prove that it is an expected anomaly. In fact, it gives even more evidence for global warming. Sea ice is melted by warmer water from the depths of the Southern Ocean rising to the surface, replacing the cooler water. However, as the Earth warms, the amount of precipitation does, too. This freshens the water on the surface, making it less dense than the saltier water below. This means that they mix less, leading to less sea ice melting. This effect could also be caused by the melting of the land ice (yes, it is melting!)

The other major factor is decreased ozone levels above Antarctica. This cools the stratosphere, strengthening the cyclonic winds around the continent. Pushing existing sea ice outward, it also creates pools of water called polynyas. These freeze over, and create even more sea ice.

I'm not just guessing here. It is actually an anomaly.
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