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In the tomb where HK-47 and Canderous spawn you can't switch to Canderous at the beginning. Doing so will get you stuck in a room without doors. Stick to HK-47 and Canderous will spawn next to you in a few seconds.

I read somewhere that the Mandalorian quest and Shadow's quest are bugged. They said it would make you unable to complete the game if you completed their quests.

Gamebreaking bug:
At the endgame after you've been in the tomb with HK-47 and Canderous you have to search for escape pods with the doc. I opened the door to the engine deck with my lightsaber. When I go in the screen just goes black. I can open the menu, hear my lightsaber activate, but I can't see anything.

EDIT: Just noticed I can take another door to the right. That's it. Maybe it's better to lock the door that causes the bug.

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