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((This time skip is taking place for only Mine and MA's character since they met a few months before the events that are going on occurred.))

Amy looked down at her armor and at her hand which was now confidently holding Mjolnir. It had been months since Beta Ray Bill had begun training her to use Mjolnir and her skill with the mythical weapon had improved beyond her wildest imagination. She could summon lightning, create small storms with it and even fire blasts of energy from it.

But the best thing of all had to be the ability to fly.

It had taken her weeks to learn to use the hammer to soar through the skies and she couldn't go too far due to the fact that if anyone associated with the Villains saw her holding the weapon, she would be hunted down and be shown no mercy. But she loved the feeling of flying through the air. It brought joy to her heart.

She looked up at her mentor and grinned as she held the hammer. "I...want to thank you." She said to her mentor. "Thanks to you I feel like I can finally make a difference and I can finally help those who need help."

She smiled again. "I owe you big time."

She looked over the horizon and towards the sun which was setting. "Where are we going to go first?" She asked.

South West Amerika

Slipstream knew that he had failed.

He had failed to save the Civilians who had looked at him with hope in their eyes as he tried to put out the flames.

And worse, now they knew that there was a Super Speedster running across the county. And now there would be a manhunt the likes of which hadn't been seen since the Night the heroes had fallen.

He narrowed his eyes as he thought back to what that waste of a human being had done to the innocent.

As he sped across the devastated landscape he sighed. Already, he had heard of reports stating that he was to be taken alive or dead. Most likely they wanted him dead for daring to show himself and give people hope.

He stopped for a moment as he tried to get his breath back. He had been on the run for months now and he was getting close to the breaking point. Sooner or later, he would have to take a stand.

Bring it. He thought.
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