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What about the sequence in KOTOR 2 when you are approached by the beggar on Nar Shaddaa? By doing a "good" act, you actually did more harm. I felt this was a great way to further explain Kreia's philosophy. To my fellow bleeding hearts: did you feel bad after this exchange?

I felt that the intent of the actions in the game meant more than the actual light/dark points. I didn't feel bad about helping out the beggar.

As mentioned previously, Mass Effect had an interesting take by having the points be attributed more toward personality. While I accumulated a large amount of Paragon points through the three games, I also had a decent amount of Renegade points. Sometimes it felt like the right thing to do in the situations it presented. So I guess, in regards to my relationship with video games, my intent when playing takes precedence over whatever points system is in play.

I think Mass Effect was better at this.

...nah, I chose Kaidan in a heartbeat.
I'll admit... this was one of the easier choices in the game...
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