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Originally Posted by Jamps View Post
What about the sequence in KOTOR 2 when you are approached by the beggar on Nar Shaddaa? By doing a "good" act, you actually did more harm. I felt this was a great way to further explain Kreia's philosophy. To my fellow bleeding hearts: did you feel bad after this exchange?

I felt that the intent of the actions in the game meant more than the actual light/dark points. I didn't feel bad about helping out the beggar.

As mentioned previously, Mass Effect had an interesting take by having the points be attributed more toward personality. While I accumulated a large amount of Paragon points through the three games, I also had a decent amount of Renegade points. Sometimes it felt like the right thing to do in the situations it presented. So I guess, in regards to my relationship with video games, my intent when playing takes precedence over whatever points system is in play.

I'll admit... this was one of the easier choices in the game...
I agree with you, also i tried to have ashley as my choice but then i just thought of carth saying, i will never trust you again!, so i went with kaiden because that made me chuckle

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