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I've been silent the last couple of days in this thread but I'm actively working on the design of the consolidated mega site.

I'm thinking of going for a magazine-like layout for the home page. Something that looks modern and attractive but can also be viewed on a mobile device. If you click the link in my signature and go to my site, you'll see what I mean. Restore your browser window if it's maximised and then drag the window width down below 800px wide and then below 400px wide. You'll see that the site design changes slightly to conform to the narrower width... or just view the site on your smartphone, probably easier, but it's better to see the change happen before your own eyes to get what I mean.

As I said, getting this site up will take a lot of work and we're going to face the obvious challenge of coming up with content for the site due to the lack of actively played Star Wars games at the moment.

We're going to need content for this megasite and we're going to need to have it coming at regular intervals... and it's going to need to be something good that gets people to the site. We need content that is worth reading that makes the reader want to come back to the site again after they've discovered it for the first time. It needs to be the kind of site they bookmark and check regularly... only then will they be encouraged to click the "forum" button and join in the community.

We need all types of articles, game reviews, hardware reviews (say, for a good mmo mouse to use with swtor?), random pictures from games in image galleries, a game modification spotlight, a fanworks article highlighting a great fanwork, general star wars articles, advise and tips for running old lucasarts games on newer machines, reviews of much older star wars games, a retrospective on a particular series, perhaps a roundtable discussion of some sort? ...and a lot of other things...

There's room for a lot of content just as long as we have the people to write that content and put in the time and effort needed to produce them.

In fact, this is a great opportunity for people because if you're interested in producing content, this new megasite will be great for you.

So, for the people who are interested in contributing to the mega site and becoming a staff member of the site, what kind of articles would you write? Let's throw out the ideas and what you think you'd be best at. Let us know of your interest and maybe there are other things you can do to contribute. Maybe there's someone out there who has what it takes to edit other peoples articles so that they can iron out the terrible grammar... I know any article I write is going to need a lot of ironing out lol.

The bottom line is that we need this site to make an impact, we need to get it out there and we need to make it relevant and last long enough on its own merits until the first of the new generation of Star Wars games are released.

The plain truth is that we have no active staff here at LFN any more. If we're going to make this place a success again, we need new blood. And the best candidates are people here in our own community to take up the flag.

Who knows, perhaps you can make this a learning experience and maybe gain some experience from this to use elsewhere... |

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