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Somewhere In California

"My Lord. We have found the Mutant that escaped from the Red Skull. It appears that he managed to flee to Nevada. Based on our spy network it appears that he's somewhere near Las Vegas."

At the center of the small city that Lord Steel was using as his/her base of operations, A figure wrapped in shadows looked over the monitors that were currently tracking SlipStream. He looked exhausted and he looked as though he had been badly beaten recently.

"Excellent. Are there any others currently tracking his location?" Steel asked in a calm, cold voice. One of the captains looked over as a report from one of the many spies that Steel possessed came in.

"It appears that the one who killed the kingpin and took his territory..."Spider-Girl" has also managed to track his location and is sending her forces to capture him. At least three meta humans are with the oncoming force."

"She cannot be allowed to capture him. Inform two of my Lieutenants to suit up and prepare my armor. I expect all weapons to be fully charged."

"Yes My Lord." The man looked back at his screen but then turned to watch as Lord Steel walked away towards the room that held her personalized armor. He looked back at the Hero and shook his head.

She is going to make sure she gets every secret he holds. She won't let up until he either gives up everything or he dies. May whatever he believes in save him.
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