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Cool Guy Kotor Save Editor - Version 3.3.4

EDIT: 12/13/13 -- Well, the issue about kse_334.exe not opening correctly has been fixed. I also fixed the black icon problem and have made the number box in the inventory table screen have a default value of 1, so you no longer have to enter a number every time. Just drop the kse_334.exe into wherever you unpacked the original. You still need the dll files...

Download the .exe

EDIT: 11/10/13 -- Sorry guys. I had an issue reported to me about KSE not starting up. I checked it out, and have re-packaged the entire thing, adding a few files back into the archive. Please re-download...

Well, after a year in the oven, I finally let this thing see the light of day!

This is made off of Tk102's 3.3.3. It has everything it has, so I won't bother posting it here.

What changes have been made?

  1. 1. Added support for Trex's mod The Jedi Masters (TJM) as a separate Kotor 2 installation.
  2. 2. Apply as Enter -- The same thing that happens when you hit the apply button, now also happens with the Enter key as well for most text boxes.
  3. 3. Scrolling!!! - The scrollboxes for the Feats, Powers, .etc have notepad-like scrolling(hit the mouse wheel).
  4. 4. Adjustable Stack Size! -- I've added a text box when adding items to the Inventory. You will still need to use the Add Items button, and you will have to enter a number before adding the item.
  5. 5. Inventory stack editing -- I've restored some cut buttons that added and subtracted 1 off of the stack size. I then added +/- 5 and +/- 10 buttons.
  6. 6. Faster start-up -- I've shuffled around when KSE finds and loads up your .2da info. Now it'll do it when you first click on the respective branch.
  7. 7. Static inventory -- Instead of loading the inventory warehouse for each saved game, KSE loads one warehouse per game type(K1, TSL, and TJM) the first time and keeps the warehouse in memory.
  8. 8. And last of all, RELOADING!!!!! -- I've added options on the right-click menu for both the Game, and each saved game, to reload the data for all saved games/the selected saved game, respectively.*

*: This means that you can make a change, fire up the game, load the save, progress and change something, save, and reload the save with the new data in KSE, WITHOUT RESTARTING KSE...

Now, there are some pitfalls still.
1. Don't click on the top entry in the available items window; you will still get an error.
2. When using the +/- buttons to edit the stack size, you need to use one of the plus buttons before the - ones will activate;annoying, but I tried to fix it. Maybe that's why they were cut...

Have fun with this, guys, and know that I enjoyed/hated/had fun working on this for you guys!

Download link

Please report any bugs/nuisances/suggestions to me.

P.S: I've made the logging more user-friendly, and made it happen in two .txt documents stored in the same folder as KSE. One, called KSE_Log.txt, is for everyday use of KSE. The other, KSE_Error.txt is only used when you get a dialogue box talking about a TK::ERROR.

P.P.S: From my KSE Read-me:
Show spoiler

Also, I'm willing to expand it as needed; for example, when RoR is done.

All of my mods are available on Deadlystream.

Always remember modders: "Quality= Effort*Time"

KSE 3.3.4 is LIVE!!! Check it out here.

Check out WalkSwitch, the Walkmesh-changing tool!

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