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*snip* --Lynk

Now for the fun stuff.......

I would hate to see the general forum games die. I realize that's *just* a place where me and mah crew horse around anymore, but it's about as close to /b chan as LF (or any PG-13 forum for that matter) can get to it. Still, there does need to be a place for forum jackasses to simply be.

There is the general Tech discussion thread and TBH, a forum jump (like SWTOR main subforum from the ancient outer regions Kotor sub-subforum) wouldn't hurt for any SW game technical issues that pop up there from time to time. With the mind to keep things organized.

Guides and resources in the SWTOR section written by our members: Sure there are guides in general all around the net for this game, namely its professions and crew skills. However, I think LF's players could make our own threads regarding the practical side and perspectives on it. There's much to be learned form experience. This admittedly is a nuanced sort of thing, but still, I do think we have the people to do that. I've been impressed by people like Darth Parametric and Mav, for example. Even began writing one of my own but have not posted it b/c I didn't want to make something nobody would read that would just take up space. I do think the devs at least listen to fans sometimes--some items which show up in the game IMO is evidence of that when they need ideas for new things.

Sections on Cosplay and gear: Am I the only guy around here who likes costumes and IRL crafting things like lightsabers? I'm sure with some people being knowledgeable about electronics engineering and the like (Rhett, Chainz, Sam D), SOMETHING can be done. Also, I know a lot of you here know what the "Vader's 501st legion" is.

Does anyone else around here give half a flip about fan films or is it that I care because I have some background in video production?

EDIT: Noted --Don't blame ya Lynk. In fact, forget I even said that here at all.

Moderator note [11-08-2013 10:20 AM]

Snipped out forum politics related topics in post. I don't want to turn this thread into a debate thread.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.

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