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Issues with a Peragus II planet texture replacement

Hello all. I'm having some trouble and perhaps one or more of you can assist. Recently, I was inspired by a wallpaper I saw posted up at LucasForums created by a LF member named Trench.

I was quite taken with it so I asked Trench if he could render the planet on a transparent background so I could release it as a mod - which he was happy to do. I placed the planet, ensured the transparencies were working, converted it to a TGA, renamed it to "PER_Plnt01", placed it in the Override, and . . . it doesn't show up. Well . . . at least not outside, when you're on the walkway on the exterior of the asteroid. When you're inside, you can see the new texture just fine!

Photo taken by InsanitySorrow

I'm just trying to figure out why my new texture isn't showing up in both places.

A before and after may helpful here. The old, original version of the planet looks like this in the game:

Here's what I want it to look like:

(Obviously on a transparent background rather than the white.)

A possible clue: I wonder if Malkior and sELFiNDUCEDcOMA are talking about here (specifically posts 195 and 196) is the key to this issue. If this is this case, I might need some baby steps to guide me through this. Seeing as I didn't create the original picture but I do have permission to to release it a mod, I just want to get this released (and off my hands) as soon as possible. (I'm going to be busy pretty soon with something else and I hate having a backlog.) At this point, I don't even want any of the credit but any that can help this get done will be listed in the read-me along with Trench.

Those wishing to contact me, please do so using Deadly Stream's PM system. I am rarely on this site anymore.

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