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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
While forum reorganisation is a hot topic for many, since the forum is clearly the most important thing in everyone's mind, I need to remind people that to most new visitor's this forum means nothing to them.

This is why I'm focusing on the fan site right now. The fan site is what will bring new people to the forum. As long as it's up and running, has content added to it regularly and is put out there for people to discover, it will be the big spotlight that attracts people here to this community which is why, at this point in time, it's the most important part of this project.

We really need more ideas and interest in the fan site and once we are far along with that, then we can focus more on the forums. Because if we don't get the consolidated site to a certain point in development, any ideas we come up with the forum will never happen.

Site 1st, forum 2nd.
The Network sites seem to have become very much 'secondary' in the eyes of a lot of LF members in recent years, I think.

The way I see it, the forums grew to be such a massive part of the 'LFN experience' (it is where the majority of the community is based, after all) that the sites seemed to just fade into the background and fell into disrepair.

As far as i'm aware, a lot of new members come to the forums without even knowing that the Sites exist, which is sad, because there's a lot of really useful and interesting content.

Focussing on the new site first and then looking at the forums afterwards is definitely the way to go, I think.

Just saying. >_<
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