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Originally Posted by igyman View Post
I've never been good at picking favorites, but the Star Wars games I had fun with the most are (in no particular order) SW KoTOR, Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and its standalone expansion Jedi Academy. It really is a shame KoTOR doesn't work that well on newer systems - it can be played, but with much tedium and annoyance. Haven't played the other two in a while, but I seem to remember them working well even on Windows 7, which is ironic, considering they're older than KoTOR.
I was looking at games on Amazon the other day and I saw KotOR was recommended for me so I clicked it to check prices out of curiosity. I then discovered the reviews for it. The majority were good, but some were bad. Most of the bad ones were about it not working on their system and were warning people not to buy it if they have Windows 7. They said they were very disappointed and returned the game. When I read this I was like UGH it's such a shame so many people don't look for any alternate ways to do things or make things work. They probably put the disc in, it crashed to the desktop, and then they said well this sucks I'm done with this. UGH I hate seeing that happen.

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