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Originally Posted by Redwing View Post
  • Having a place for fanfiction for Star Wars game universes would be a good thing, even if some want to turn up their noses at the idea. Yes, including silly romance fanfic (the PG-13 & below kind); if people want to submit it, there should be a place for it here.
  • If there's interest, maybe staff (or interested non-staff users) could do Let's Plays of old Star Wars games to cover the lead-up to the coming new generation. If there are people available to do them, anyway. I know I'd love to watch or read them, though I don't know that I could make them.
I'm going to quote Redwing here, but The Doctor also brought up some great points about the general forums.
I've been following this thread but haven't responded yet due to just getting back to LF last week after a couple of years of absence. Honestly I was surprised it still looked the same as when I left.

But to the point, the fan community always has a place for creative writing, videos and art. Right now in the current forum setup that side of the community is sprinkled on several different hard-to-find subforums within subforums. That's one major change that should be done; move fan-made stuff to a more prominent role. Just like the modding community is vital for old games, RP, fan-fics, art and videos are a basic side to fandom and it shouldn't be hidden away. Building that community alone can get some new blood in here, there's plenty of people both young and old who have now grown up with Star Wars and especially with the young, they have creative juices pumping that should be given some outlet. This community would also include cosplay and/or replica making as well. I don't really mind if it's hidden inside some forum or another, but it should be given more prominence since this is a huge fansite.

Now to get more into the quote, I think Redwing brings a great point in calling out for let's plays of old games or video guides to modding and such things. But, as always, there is a but. Unlike what people might think with prominent youtubers having gaming channels and stuff like that, Youtube abhors gaming videos to be uploaded. Basically the only way for someone uploading gaming videos to survive without having their channel taken down because of copyright strikes is to either be a part of a bigger company that has deals with publishers and good lawyers, or they need to join a so called network, which is an umbrella company such as machinima or polaris, that handles the same deals with their lawyers.
At least that is so if you monetize the videos, which I suggest LFN doing since ad revenue on videos is a good way of getting that extra to keep the servers up.

Of course there is always the possibility that you could just contact the rights owners (LucasArts/Disney) for permission (regarding videos at least) and let them make up their mind if they want to support a fan community such as the LFN. At least before the purchase by Disney LucasArts was pretty warm towards the fan community.

Whatever happened to the podcast by the way? That could easily be revamped into a news-ish format with speculation and commentary on whatever tidbits of news there are about LucasArts and Lucasfilm projects. Especially now in the future years where leaks and new info will be hitting the public quite frequently about the new movies and any related merchandise, doing something like a news-podcast along with indigenous articles or other commentary on the site could easily bring not only more blood but more prominence to LFN.
I don't meant that in the "we're taking over the world" sense, but rather as a credible source and a big fansite, which it already is. There's a lot of great history for LFN, all we need to really do is to make it relevant again. The fact is that the forums and the network in general are all a product of the late 90s and early 00s, and it really shows.

I remember when the LFN podcast was announced and scoffed at the idea because I liked the quaint forums and made use of some of the sites as they were. In hindsight, during that time was the best opportunity for LFN to grow exponentially if more than the podcast had been thought up. But better late than never to renew the network.
Wow, that was a ramble. Hope it makes sense at all.

EDIT: Oh I should add that I have experience with screen-capture software and video editing. Albeit not in any professional sense, but I am willing to throw in any knowledge I have if it's required. I would also be interested in writing some commentaries or articles if that becomes a thing. Honestly, LFN is like a second home (despite some absences I have taken, I always return) to me and I'd do anything that I have any knowledge of doing if it helps the place grow and stay alive.

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