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Purely speaking from an SW:K perspective, I don't really venture out of here too much, I think partly the success of SW:K was/has/is the modding community, back in the hey day many posters were modders or aspiring modders. I think in some respects the biggest killer of the forum has been the lack of new titles and the lack of any new titles really being modable - TOR being an example in that it is quite limited as to any mods you can make.

One suggestion I would have is any games which are very easy to mod - make offers to communities, that if they are making a TC of that game to say Star Wars or Indiana Jones they would get their own forum hosted by us to support their project.

Other idea's - the Let's Play one I think is certainly a good one; some seem to have gone missing certainly KotOR'2s one seems to have gone missing, it was excellent - perhaps a Let's Play of all the various LA games we can.

Additionally could we to a LA review style show - possibly broaden it, and go for a Zero Punctuation style review - or something unique that could draw people into a cult following?

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