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Thanks InsanitySorrow! Last night I picked out some random model files from Peragus, but none where about the outside of the astroid.

I'll check this out ASAP!

Okay; found out that 104pera is the model with the big astroid base and the catwalks.
104perb has the 'broken' planet and astroids belt. Outerspace is a big hollow ball.

Textures used: EBO_neb for the nebula.
EBO_Per for the wasted planet.
Per_Stars02 for the background.

104perg has only the Harbinger model.
Other 104perk to 104pern contain mostly emitters and some aurora lights.

But I guess that is what you guys already know. In that model all astroids are 3D models of various sizes. No flat planes.
I'll now start to find how the outside scene is made when you're inside the base, when you first can catch a glimpse of Peragus.

EDIT: Seems like there are 2 textures for the hammerhead.
Per_Hammrhd01 and V_Hammrhd01, though it's only the last one that is used for the Harbinger.
I would guess the other texture might be used in the Dxun blockade.

EDIT2: 101perbl seems to be the model you're looking for SH. It has a small circle in it. Which has the following texture asigned to it: Per_Plnt01.tga
instead of the EBO_Per.tga used in the astroid exterior model. Same goes for the nebula, in this model it's Per_nebula01.tga instead of EBO_neb.tga


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