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Extreme Ski movies are here, yet again.

An unbelievable amount of of money we get for doing practically nothing all day.

Hard to complain...

Oh... and if you want a laugh... somebody dredged up my 3rd grade class photo and tagged me in it on Facebook. Highly embarrassing... but whatever.

I'm super surprised anybody remembered who I was, let alone took the time to track me down on FB to tag me. I'm pretty positive that I haven't seen any of them since I left that grade, and had ZERO conscious memory of that class or any of the classmates.


Sorry to hear of the uncomfortable situation, Keyan.
Just think: If life was a romantic comedy, this would be the first 3rd of the movie... but you'd be on your way to winning the girl of your dreams after a couple of false starts.

But I've been there. You don't want her to know how much it's killing you... so you put on a brave face, and hope they can't read body language that well. But you also don't want to shut it down completely in a giant emotional blowup... just in the case it all falls apart between them a week from now, and you still have a chance to move in and be the "comforter"...

Although that's never, ever worked out for me in 43 years of life. Maybe it will eventually.

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