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Originally Posted by Keyan Farlander View Post
I went out to dinner with her and one of her friends. I had things totally wrong. I thought her boyfriend was oversees doing his PhD, and their engagement was going to be long-term. She certainly had no idea when they would get married right before I went out there. But I guess they picked a date and planned the whole thing by the time I got there. He's not oversees; he's only about eight hours away. She spent the whole time talking about the wedding and after dinner we walked over to the place she booked for the reception. So my last memory of her is us standing in her wedding reception hall, staring at her beautiful ring, listening to her talk about her wedding.
was her friend hot?

heh during my blackout drunk moment friday, i messaged this one girl that is a friend of mine and told her a few interesting things, hung out with her and my buddy today, watched return of the jedi, sleepy hollow episode, and last week's episode of the walking dead. doubting anything will go anywhere between us other than friends, however...we'll see what happens.

got a nice leather jacket at kohl's that makes me look like a total badass....first time owning a leather jacket. picked up my camcorder at best buy, it works pretty nice, think i'll go take it on a test drive tomorrow and see what footage i can get.
and of course gotta work on that resume, at least get my references and start/stop days of various employers. long drawn out process cause i've worked so many places...kind of sucks, but i'm super optimistic about the type of work i'm getting involved with.

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