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The bond movies usually have predictable "Hero's journey" plots. Sadly there is never going to be a bond movie anytime soon that has the Chinese as the enemies. Bond lost it's true appeal after the cold war.

Keyan, i knew it was going to be bad, you should have stood her up, especially when she brought a friend. made an excuse to go to the bathroom and never came back, and leave her with the check.

Played a game of Dungeons and Dragon (3.0) Saturday. The Climatic finish for the adventure arc had a Gargantuan ooze attack us. In the previous battle my Cleric hid inside a Prismatic Sphere to heal himself and his cohort (My cleric was down to 1 hit point, and my Cohort was at -4 and bleeding.) After healing my cohort hid behind the sphere while everyone else pretty much fled.

Really made the GM upset when the Ooze rolled over the Sphere and turned to stone.

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