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Originally Posted by K_Kinnison View Post
Keyan, i knew it was going to be bad, you should have stood her up, especially when she brought a friend. made an excuse to go to the bathroom and never came back, and leave her with the check.
Why would I stand her up? It was my idea to get together in the first place. And I knew the friend was coming; it was a mutual friend, the one I met her through, in fact, and she and I hung out two other times during the week (and no, R15, she is not really hot). I was hoping to spend more time with the girl, too, but she apparently had a very hectic week at work.

She had no idea that I liked her. And she was excited about her wedding. She didn't do anything rude or wrong. She's basically the perfect person. The most beautiful girl I have ever seen, a sparkling personality, intelligent, successful, compassionate, and more. I knew I basically had no chance with her; she had been dating the guy for almost three years when I met her. But nothing else came along in the past year, a chance came up to see her again, and it was either take it or don't. Given that she told me she had no idea when she was getting married when I asked, I figured wedding stuff wouldn't be on the table yet. If it was, I wouldn't have gone. But it wasn't at the time, so I did. I wish I didn't. I wish I had never seen her again. I wish I had never met her in the first place. But I did what I could, and that's what happened. Nothing was her fault.

As a point of interest to you all, I did visit the Tech Museum while I was there. There had a huge Star Wars exhibit going on. Lots of props and costumes from the movies. You all would have loved it, I'm sure. Maybe I'll put up some pictures.
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