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sorry keyan...better luck with whatever comes next. focus on career and goals maybe. that's what i'm doing...

i'm sick of chasing girls that treat me like second best, only to get my heart and soul crushed when i find out they're just not that into me for whatever reason...but once they see i'm successful and doing well they'll come chasing me. at least, that is my plan.

i did make a change though from previous years, that i started going to bible study, even though i'm not super religious and into the volunteering/ministry stuff they do, i still share the same beliefs and faith so going there isn't that awkward especially considering i spent a few years living on a bible school when my parents attended (this is my prior internet days lol)...but i'm meeting some pretty friendly girls there, but not pushing it with any of them at requested me as a friend on facebook, but she's planning on moving away go figure. Keyan i know you share the same beliefs, well maybe a little different but i'd suggest trying out a bible study or finding one that has singles or college aged-30s, you never know you might find someone nice.

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