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ah maybe that's my problem too...even when i am doing so well, the one i had ended up leaving me just when the dawn was breaking through for me. sometimes i think i'm better off alone, it's not like i want kids anyways, all i really want is a wife that "gets" me like nobody else does. but idk i think that's next to impossible. got turned down twice this week by girls claiming they'd hang out with me, through that stupid site. the one that i did go out with back in september said on the date review that i needed to be more funny or show off my sense of humor...well i would've but on the first date that'd scare the **** out of any normal human being...and i didnt want to subject her to humor that she wouldn't understand. lol still, a great date just zero connection. kind of changing up the way i dress too so when i go out in public i attract some female attention, going to the gym definitely helps i think. the trend i see that girls like is guys that are "confident" that's why u see these douchebag scummy guys with these gorgeous babes, but i never understood that. i say just throw yourself out there in as many awkward situations as possible and eventually either you'll hate all women or you'll find the right one. idk man. they're all insane.

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